Is Mobile killing desktop?

Many startups and even established companies are moving towards All-App strategy. Taxi booking companies; ride-sharing platforms and even e-commerce companies are diverting all their strategies towards mobile applications now. Such strategy-changes make one think that may be mobile is slowing eating up the desktop and web!
Well; this topic is a matter of debate among experts, but we take you to the interesting figures and data which were compiled by research firm ComScore. While we have seen a huge rise in mobile usage due to smartphone revolution and fast data streaming by 3G network, the usage of desktop remains constant. The amount of time we were spending on desktop remains same but now we are spending more time online through our mobiles. There has been a huge growth in mobile apps usage and mobile web usage but also there has been a huge increase in overall internet usage where desktop web use remains almost constant.
In the data compiled by ComScore; there is a 44% increase in mobile app usage and a 38% increase in mobile web usage which has resulted in increase use of mobile. But on the contrary; there is a negligible decrease in total time spent on desktop. An average user is spending 466 billion minutes now on desktop web in comparison to 477 billion minutes last year. so, though there is a clear and huge increase in time spent on mobile for accessing Internet but desktop usage has maintained its position in this tough competition.
This study also brings a very interesting point that mobile is unlocking new ways of internet access. The constant time spent on desktop points towards the office hours in weekdays. The increase mobile hours can be linked to the morning and evening hours which we are spending on social media, news, music and video buffering. Thus, mobile is unlocking new time and ways of accessing Internet. This is a clear chance for digital advertisers to target the right audience at the right time.